Telephone Enquiries

I am very happy to arrange a time to speak with you on the phone or by Skype or Zoom if you wish to do so prior to arranging an initial appointment. This can be a good opportunity to tell me more about your personal circumstances, and to find out how I would work with your particular issues. Any telephone or online conversation is completely without obligation. I would much rather you decided to use a different approach or attend a different therapist if that would be the best solution for you. If you would like to do this, please text, phone, or email me to arrange a mutually convenient time to talk.

Length of sessions

Counselling and hypnotherapy sessions are up to 60 mins long. Traumatic Incident Reduction sessions are sometimes longer.

How long before I feel better?

This is one of those questions that can be quite hard to answer.

Emotional healing follows many of the same patterns as physical healing. (In fact, the two things aren't really separate at all. Physical trauma always has emotions attached to it. And emotional pain, loss, or fear literally create neurological pathways in the brain and body, and physical patterns of muscular tension).

So, generally, the time needed to heal an emotional injury will depend on the severity of the injury; whether it has happened once, several times, or regularly; whether it stands alone, or is 'just' one injury amongst many; whether the injury has caused secondary problems; and whether there have been knock on effects from medication (including self-medication such as alcohol, drugs, food, sex etc, or pharmaceutical interventions).

So, a problem caused by a relatively small isolated incident in adulthood may very easily be cleared up in just a few sessions, while problems arising from serious or ongoing abuse or trauma at any time of life are likely to require longer term support.

Even with long term work, though, I would be aiming to help you find strategies that help things feel better on a daily basis, throughout our work together and beyond.


My current fee is 40-00 per daytime session and 50 for evening sessions starting from 5pm. I can generally offer daytime appointments at reduced rates where clients are experiencing financial hardship and requiring longer term psychotherapeutic counselling. I'm also happy to discuss ways of spreading payment for shorter term work if this is helpful for you.

Would you like to explore this further? Please don't hesitate. You can contact me now by email, phone or text and we can arrange an initial consultation to look at how I may be able to help you

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